All Android users warned of sinister app posing as a major brand to take control of their phone and empty bank accounts


ANDROID owners have been warned that a dangerous malware could be lurking on their phones, disguised as McAfee antivirus software. Cyber crooks rely heavily on the ability to masquerade as legitimate apps and software in the effort to fleece victims of their data and hard-earned cash. It's a tale as old as time - or technology.

Cybersecurity experts in NCC Group's Fox-IT team first spotted the McAfee copycat banking trojan in early 2021. But hackers have since given the copycat a sophisticated makeover, leaving Android owners more vulnerable than ever. A banking trojan is malware specifically designed to steal a victim's financial information.

The new version of the malicious McAfee lookalike uses a combination of smishing and legitimate app abuse to fool victims. It can be hard to keep up with all the tech lingo these days - so we've broken down the definitions for you. Phishing : Fraudulent emails and websites meant to steal data.

Smishing : Fraudulent text messages meant to trick you into revealing data. Vishing : Fraudulent phone calls that lure you to reveal personal information. According to researchers, attackers first send victims a text warning of an unauthorised payment transaction and share a phone number for the victim to call.

Victims who take the bait are then persuaded to download a compromised version of the McAfee Security app from the Google Play Store. The app looks legit, but under the hood it is a malware dropper, which downloads various dodgy files onto .