Exclusive: Reltio expands master data management with AI-powered Customer 360 Data Product

A critical aspect of mastering data is being able to understand all the different ways a specific entity is present in a data set.


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Reltio is getting into the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space today with a new release that extends the company’s master data management (MDM) platform. The Reltio Customer 360 Data Product is built on top of the Reltio Connected Data Platform which has been increasingly adding enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to help improve MDM. While MDM is about mastering and having the most accurate version of all types of data, the new Reltio Customer 360 Data Product is specifically focussed on providing organizations with a unified view of customers.

The product is adding a series of enhanced AI features, including the Reltio Intelligence Assistant (RIA) which is a generative AI conversational assistant for data exploration. Reltio is also using a large language model (LLM) powered approach that it has developed called Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN) for ensuring data record accuracy. “What we have seen is a greater need for a 360 degree view of customers as a horizontal need across every industry,” Manish Sood, CEO and Founder of Reltio told VentureBeat in an exclusive interview.

“They’re all struggling to stitch together the holistic, unified 360 degree view that they not only need to use for marketing, which was the original customer data platform type of promise.