LA Knight on Making His WrestleMania Debut Against AJ Styles

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– During a recent interview with Jim Varsallone , WWE Superstar LA Knight discussed making his WrestleMania debut later this weekend. He will face AJ Styles at WrestleMania 40. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.

com ): LA Knight on facing AJ Styles at WrestleMania: “Man, it’s big. Especially if you just look in the last year, where things were and where things have come, it’s a pretty crazy turn of events to consider everything in that context. To look at the fact that it’s me and AJ one-on-one at the 40th anniversary of WrestleMania — that’s a big one, that big round number, that 40 — and here we are in Philadelphia, only a couple hours up from where I’m from originally in Maryland … that’s pretty wild.

” On what to expect from his match with Styles: “I don’t want to throw those kind of predictions out there. You never know, and I don’t want to promise anything like that, but AJ is a stud, I’m a stud, there’s a lot of tension going into this match, there’s a lot of animosity, there’s a lot of energy going into this match. So, for damn sure, it could be as the kids say, a ‘banger.

’ And will it be a show-stealer? I don’t know. Maybe. We’ll let history decide that one, but you bet your ass it’s gonna be a good one.

” The match goes down at WrestleMania 40 later this weekend. The event is scheduled for April 6-7 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It will be broadcast live on Peacock.