Android 15 might receive customizable color blind correction modes — how it works

A new color corrections mode adjuster discovered in Android 15 code may make Android more accessible to color blind users


Color blindness is a fairly prevalent condition affecting many people, and now it looks like Android might get a new feature that makes life easier for those affected. Based on a report from Android Authority , it looks like Android 15 could gain a new feature to help further assist colorblind users. The tool is an intensity slider that can be used to up or decrease how much of a certain color is corrected on the phone.

The intensity slider is not currently available, but the team at Android Authority were able to manually turn the feature on to test it out. It appears the slider comes with three values (low, medium and high) that let users tweak the intensity of the color balance changes. The tweaks increase or lower the hue of the colors, which could help users who have different levels of color blindness.

It's a pretty promising tool that adds personalization to something that could have remained as simple as an on-off button. With the different degrees of deuteranomaly or tritanomaly that exist, this feature seems like it would make Android phones more accessible to everyone. Of course, Android has had some form of color correction control for years.

Currently, color correction settings can be found under Settings - Accessibility - Color and motion. This page allows users to toggle on or off several modes that might help those with issues perceiving colors, like Protan (red-green), Tritan (blue-yellow), Deutan (green-red), grayscale or a personalized color setting. Turnin.