News Buck was founded in 2023, and we are part of IBRA Digital Branding Services LLC, registered in the UK and UAE! News Buck's mission is to spread awareness on a global platform and level up on delivering the news to every device! We aim to empower you with insights into what is happening as the world moves forward.

We want to make our name in the Media and Journalism Industry but providing the best, excellent, and well-researched stories. Every story needs to be heard and brought to light if it means making an impact on Human Affairs. We focus on shedding light on matters including- politics and economy, sports, satire, art, business, entertainment, luxury, health, weddings, technology, science, environment, relationships, parenting, life, etc.

We aim to make millions of viewers aware of the changes and impacts around them! The environment we live in has changed over the decades! The Media Industry has improved and advanced in technology. The old-school way of spreading news was distributing Newspapers to every household, and some people still prefer it over devices.

What makes a story interesting enough? Enough to be read, enough to be shared among others, enough to be discussed, and more than enough to gain the attention of millions of viewers? The more impact a story makes on an individual's psyche, morals, and beliefs. People like to read more about what might affect them or change their lifestyles!

Throughout the lockdown, Media Industry blossomed through online platforms, and people started paying attention to news delivered on their mobile phones from time to time. In a world where technology is taking over old-school ways, devices like Mobile Phone ranking as the most efficient platform of all time.

Our team researches every piece of news that is taking place around us! They study the news history in-depth to bring out the truth and spread awareness among the public. We have various departments for news pieces from all over the world. Our team ensures that the information crossing over is from a trusted source who knows in detail about the matter presented.

Preparing News articles is not an easy task if we look into it! Noting down stories, breaking them into pieces of information, presenting them online, and delivering them to you- sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, we are determined to work hard so we can publish news articles on a global level!

What Can You Expect From News Buck?

  1. Audience to be content – We are dedicated to something more important: the reader, the listener, or the viewer, whereas other outlets are preoccupied with catching up with — and publishing for — their peers and rivals, or even just individuals in power. We never lose sight of the reality that politics and significant occurrences, such as wars, climate catastrophes, or cultural events, change the actual lives of people and form their perspectives.
  2. Deliver Our Best – You, as the viewer, can walk away feeling satisfied that you know enough if not everything! We deliver our best, so you can take part in any discussion happening around you.
  3. We do it the hard way - We conduct an inquiry, read the bill, call professionals, and then compile the results for the public efficiently. Since our claims have been rigorous, pressure-tested, thoroughly investigated, and publicized, our arguments are considered authoritative/authentic.
  4. Our work is understandable – We write with clarity in layman's language that is easily understandable by the reader even if they don’t read the news daily.
  5. We Care About Why - We do not continue by disclosing what occurred. Instead, we look at history to provide context for what is occurring today and assist you in understanding why something happened, why it is crucial, and reasons why you should be concerned about it.
  6. Morals and Ethics - We will not pretend that both perspectives are equally valid on matters having strong moral valence. News Buck writers interact with all arguments and viewpoints, but we are not hesitant to say the obvious when supported by knowledge and reporting.

By giving more people accurate knowledge about what is happening, how it could influence their world, and the power everyone holds in changing the world, we think explaining the news promotes an informed populace.

Building a connection among the readers and listeners with our website is our superpower!