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News Buck makes no claims of ownership over the information you post, including any comments and recommendations. You are free to submit and share your work, as well as your opinions, comments, and suggestions, but you shouldn't do so at the expense of offending others. You hereby agree and accept that any Content/material/image that you upload or post is legally your property.

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Any information that could harm, damage, or be detrimental to you must not be shared. Additionally, you concur, comprehend, and agree that is a middleman/service provider who enables access to the communication system via which third parties make their information available. Because of this, News Buck does not: (a) start the broadcast; (b) choose the recipient of the transmission; or (c) choose or amend the material in the transmission. News Buck is not required to keep an eye on or evaluate the user-generated content. News Buck disclaims all liability for the information provided, the failure to delete or remove any objectionable communications, and the behavior of any user of the service. News Buck reserves the right to remove content without prior notice if it is properly notified that a member's uploaded content violates third-party intellectual property rights, including the owner's copyright. News Buck neither endorses nor condones the infringement of third-party intellectual property rights. This website's information and material are offered just for your own non-commercial use. Without the prior written authorization of the applicable lawful owners, you agree and undertake not to download, use, copy, reproduce, distribute, display, broadcast, sell, license, or otherwise exploit for any purpose any content other than as expressly authorized herein. If News Buck receives a subpoena, a request from law enforcement, a court order, or if News Buck otherwise deems it necessary or appropriate, News Buck reserves the right to release any current or past member information that News Buck believes to be in violation of the terms of service or privacy guidelines, or used to commit illegal acts.

Any data we obtain from you may be applied in one of the subsequent ways:

Any information you enter will only be used to deliver personalized experiences from News Buck and will not be shared with any third party for any other reason. For instance, the data will be given to a video conferencing platform so that you may access an event or a mailing list provider so that newsletters can be sent to you.

Any jurisdiction that does not give effect to the provisions of these terms and conditions, including without limitation this paragraph, is not entitled to use News Buck sites or services. You consent to defend and hold harmless News Buck, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and representatives from any claim, demand, or damage made by a third party resulting from or arising out of your use of or conduct on News Buck  sites/services, including reasonable attorneys' fees.

*I acknowledge having read, comprehending, and agreeing to be bound by this Agreement*. Please get in touch with News Buck if you have any complaints. If you believe that any content that has been uploaded or contributed through this Service violates your rights in accordance with Rule 3 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines) Rules, 2011, or if you are the rightful owner of the content or another person who has been impacted by it, you may notify News Buck in the following manner: 

(a) Sending a written or electronic request, bearing your electronic signature, stating the content that you claim violates your rights as the author or negatively affects you; 

(b) Providing a detailed explanation of the content that needs to be disabled along with its URL, which, in your opinion, violates Rule 3(2) of the aforementioned.

(c) Submitting a declaration or undertaking together with the required paperwork identifying you as either (i) the legitimate owner of the content to be disabled or (ii) a person who will be impacted, and certifying that the information provided is true, complete, and accurate and that no significant information has been omitted. Moreover, it states that News Buck, its management, directors, employees, and grievance officer are not responsible for any loss, damage, or claim resulting from reliance on the aforementioned request.