Apple iPad Pro M4 review: So much to love if you can stomach the price

Apple's new iPad Pro is a beauty and absolute beast but is it worth the high price? Here's our full iPad Pro M4 review.


Apple has finally refreshed its popular iPad line and going Pro has never looked more appealing. The latest flagship tablet is not only ludicrously powerful but also the thinnest product the US technology giant has ever made and it’s a thing of absolute beauty. From the moment you lift it out of its packaging, you can't help but admire what Apple's design team has managed to create.

It really does feel like a slim sheet of glass in your hand with the 11-inch model we tested measuring in at just 5.3mm thick - that's down from 5.9 mm before.

Those opting for the more expensive 13-inch version will get all the bragging rights though as this big-screen tablet is even thinner - 5.1mm to be precise. The new design, which is even skinnier than the thinnest iPad Nano, makes a world of difference as you hardly notice you are holding a tablet in your hands.

Despite slimming things down, the new iPad Pro still feels premium and it should have no problem surviving life in your backpack - Apple is promising the 100 percent recycled aluminium enclosure is just as tough as before. Now, you might think that this thin appearance may have an impact on performance but it's exactly the opposite. The iPad Pro now comes powered by the incredibly quick M4 processor that has been built especially for these premium devices.

It makes the new iPad Pro supremely powerful with some serious gains when tackling the toughest of digital tasks. To put it into perspective, the new Pro is around 1.5 times fas.