Best 14-inch laptops for 2024: tested and reviewed

Good 14-inch laptops offer a little more display space while still being lightweight and portable. These are the best 14-inch laptops for all sorts of needs.


The 14-inch laptop offers a small — but noticeable — screen size upgrade over even the best 13-inch laptops , making them better choices for entertainment, gaming, or professional design while still being slim and portable enough to carry anywhere with you. If this seems like a good fit for your busy life, we have the best 14-inch laptops you should check out, beginning with an excellent all-rounder, the Apple MacBook Pro 14. The new machine has some of the best performance and battery life around, along with an excellent display.

We also have picks for gaming, extra power, and affordability, so there should be something for everyone. MacBook Pro 14 Why you should buy this : It offers the best combination of performance, efficiency, and display quality in a 14-inch laptop. Who's it for : Anyone who wants an incredibly fast laptop that also offers superior efficiency.

Why we chose the Apple MacBook Pro 14 : The Apple MacBook Pro 14 takes over as the "low-end" Pro model with Apple's discontinuation of the MacBook Pro 13, and it rivals the 16-inch model for sheer power. It now offers a base Apple Silicon chipset, namely the base M3, which is offered at a lower price. But, it can be configured to share much more in common with the larger machine, including running Apple's new M3 Pro or M3 Max chipsets .

On the MacBook Pro 14, the base M3 comes with eight CPU cores and 10 GPU cores, while the M3 Pro offers 11 or 12 CPU cores and 14 or 18 GPU cores, while the M3 Max has 14 or 1.