Forget LastPass – Apple just made a new Passwords app that could outshine every other login manager

Not only can it store traditional passwords, but Apple's app can also hold passkeys, verification codes, and security alerts.


WWDC 2024 saw Apple unveil all of the changes coming to its various software platforms later in the year. The tech giant debuted iOS 18 and unveiled Apple Intelligence . In between all of the major reveals, the company also made several smaller announcements during macOS Sequoia's debut that could be just as impactful as the system updates.

And one of the features that caught our eye is a new app: Passwords. Think of it as a first-party version of LastPass . It helps users manage account passwords, verification codes, passkeys and just about everything in between.

Apple’s Passwords app gives you quick access to your credentials and organizes everything in a user-friendly interface. On the left side of the window, you’ll see each of the six categories housing the logins. One shows you everything currently stored, one for passkeys, and one for information about Wi-Fi networks.

You’ll also notice a section for security alerts. If you go to that tab, you might see notifications recommending you update some of your passwords as they might be too weak, be used elsewhere, or it’s been compromised. Everything is laid out neatly with an accompanying icon for the account's website.

Deleted is next to the Security tab, where you can presumably restore erased passwords. Below the different categories is the Shared Group section that holds logins for multiple apps under a specific name. The demonstration shows a group for an entire family and one for the office.

Apple states that .