Moment ‘crossbow killer Kyle Clifford flees scene’ with 3ft weapon after ‘murdering’ BBC star’s wife and two daughters


CHILLING footage has emerged appearing to show manhunt suspect Kyle Clifford striding away from the triple murder scene with a THREE FOOT crossbow. The clip shows a man carrying the “huge” object under his right arm under a sheet as he strides from an alleyway leading to the property where three women were killed . Dressed all in black he was also filmed carrying a bag cops fear could be a cache of Clifford's further weapons - before climbing into a black Seat .

The same car is understood to have been found abandoned earlier today - leading cops to Enfield where armed officers were searching for the suspect. A source said: “You can see clearly from the outline of what is under the sheet that it is in the shape of a crossbow - but it’s massive. “When we first heard the weapon was involved no-one thought it might be that big - it makes you wonder where he got it from.

“The way he is walking is with clear intent - he is moving to get to his car as fast as he can while still walking. "He was clearly carrying plenty of equipment but if you were on the street you would never assume it was a deadly weapon." What we know so far.

.. A full-size crossbow could shoot bolts accurately up to 250ft - raising the terrifying prospect victims may not even see their shooter before being hit.

In the clip - the man believed to be Kyle Clifford - climbs into the black car and waits for 18 seconds before driving away West-bound on Bushey Grove Road towards. The road is directly connecte.