Nineties child star looks unrecognisable as she goes makeup-free in cardigan and glasses for grim new role


A NINETIES child star looked completely unrecognisable as she went make-up free for her new role. The actress, now 48, is known for her role on a Nickelodeon series which rocketed to fame in both the UK and US. 6 A Nineties child star looked completely unrecognisable as she transformed for a new role Credit: instagram/@melissajoanhart 6 The star, now 48, told how she has a black eye for 'most of' her movie Credit: instagram/@melissajoanhart 6 Melissa Joan Hart is best-known for her role as Sabrina The Teenage Witch Credit: Getty 6 She looked completely different from her Nickelodeon role Credit: Getty - Contributor Melissa Joan Hart quickly became a household name when she transformed into Sabrina the Teenage Witch from 1996.

The series, which captured Sabrina discovering she was a teenage witch and being guided spiritually by her two aunties, ran for seven series. She was seen with mid-length blonde hair and fresh-faced for her role - which regularly saw her cuddling cat Salem. Yet the New York-born star looks completely different for her role on a Lifetime TV series.

Melissa posted a video promoting her The Bad Guardian series, which is teased by show producers as " the story of one woman's fight to save her father from a court-appointed guardian." She plays the character of Leigh, whose father suffers a fall when she is out of town. For the character, Melissa looked unrecognisable as she pulled on the chunky knit cardigan and perched a pair of sunglasses on her head.

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