Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6, Galaxy Flip6 double down on Galaxy AI features with Portrait Studio, Instant Slow-mo and more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Flip 6 build on the already existing suite of AI features introduced with Galaxy AI earlier this year. Read all about the new features here.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 AI Features: Samsung's latest Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Flip 6 are here, and they come with a slew of new hardware and software features. However, as much as the hardware features, including being the thinnest Galaxy Z series phones yet, another major upgrade is the inclusion of a beefed-up Galaxy AI experience. Plus, now that the competition is heating up with Apple announcing Apple Intelligence for iPhone 15 Pro and later, Samsung now features several extras and doubles down on what the first version of the Galaxy AI featured.

Now, powered by Gemini, the experience is much more mature and, being multi-modal, offers a range of new features. Also Read New generative AI-powered features coming to the Galaxy Fold 6 and Galaxy Flip 6: Sketch to Image: We have seen how useful the S-Pen is with the Galaxy S series of phones, and the Note lineup before that. Now that the S-Pen has been available for the Galaxy Z series for a while, Samsung has expanded the functionality for the Galaxy Z Fold 6—allowing you to use generative AI to create images when you simply sketch or draw on the photos in Gallery or Notes.

This seems like a unique way to create more personal images; something not purely generated using text-based prompts. Live Translation Using Dual Screen of Galaxy Z Fold 6: Thanks to the dual-screen form factor, the Galaxy Z Fold 6's Interpreter now comes with a new conversation mode that enables both parties to see translations on the main and cover .