Samsung Introduces Galaxy Z Fold6, Flip6, and Expands AI

Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked event with new devices and extended artificial intelligence (AI), as well as a phone for Olympians.


Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked event with news similar to other technology vendors: new devices and extended artificial intelligence (AI). It also introduced a device just for Olympians. FYI: learn about these helpful Samsung apps for all Android users.

Featuring into all the releases is Galaxy AI. Samsung is simply following its own path, and not necessarily others, with its Galaxy AI. It’s not a new feature for Galaxy devices, as it was initially released in April 2024.

However, today it announced some expanded tasks for it, which should keep it inline with the others. Note Assist will help officer workers transcribe and organize speech to text. This can be time-consuming to do on your own.

As someone who did recapping early in my career, I can speak to that. But if you want to summarize what was said in your meeting, you can easily do it with Note Assist, which will even keep up to 10 speakers separate in the transcription. PDF Overlay Translation will do the same for PDFs.

Sketch to Image allows users with an S Pen to draw an image, and those without an S Pen to draw by hand. Galaxy AI will step in and create an image from the sketch. Circle to Search allows you to circle a sign or menu in a foreign language and have it translated.

Even if it’s in a combination of languages, Galaxy AI will detect them and translate. Just like most new smartphones, SAMSUNG’s new Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 will make the best of AI. Additionally, Samsung is calling these two phones the.