Strava Just Got Cheaper, If You Have Friends

Strava has launched a family plan that lets you save big on a premium subscription as long as you can get a few friends and family together to collaborate.


Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Strava family plan Strava Strava has launched a “family” plan that lets fitness-focused folks save some money on a subscription. The Strava family plan costs $139.99 a year, and covers up to four people.

A solo Strava subscription costs $79.99 a year, amounting to a remarkable remarkable $179.97 saving versus four separate subscriptions.

Forbes Strava Adds In-App Chats And Direct Messaging By All members need to live in the same country, which appears to be the main restriction here. Strava will not be asking for birth certificates, and the definition of family seems to be a loose one here. “Athletes can share a Family Plan with up to three other people as long as they are not existing Strava subscribers and live in the same country,” says Strava’s statement.

Strava chief business officer Zipporah Allen also appears to suggest this plan is as much about your fitness family as your “real” one. "Our belief is that people keep people active and the new Family Plan makes it even easier to make a fitness commitment together. It's about more than just setting shared goals; it's about embracing shared passions and celebrating collective progress,” says Allen.

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