Swing Trading Guide: 2 Buy/Sell Stock Recommendations By VLA Ambala On Tuesday, 11th June

After winning a third term, the party in power can now guarantee stability and continuity in the policies of the government. As a result, several companies in industries such as PSU, electronics, and green energy may show upward momentum, according to V.L.A. Ambala, co-founder of Stock Market Today (SMT) and a research analyst (SEBI registered).


Latest News With the benchmark Index Nifty recording a fresh all-time high at 23411, the index closed the latest trading session on a bullish note. By the end of the session on Monday, the index concluded the day at 23234. "The ruling party has secured its third term, assuring stability and continuity in government policies.

In such a condition, certain stocks in sectors like PSU, electronics, and green energy can display upside momentum. Additionally, certain infra-related stocks are expected to perform well in the upcoming months and quarters. Amid these developments, I recommend individuals consider every dip as a buying opportunity, provided the stocks have strong fundamentals and align with their portfolio and goals," said V.

L.A. Ambala, a Research Analyst (SEBI Registered), Co-founder - Stock Market Today (SMT).

Market Outlook "For the Nifty index, the key support levels for the next trading session will be between 22180 and 22150, whereas resistance will likely be noticed between 22400 and 22500. On the other hand, the Bank NiftyIndex could find key support between 49550 and 49450, and witness 49800 and 5060, acting as their major resistance points," added VLA Ambala. "The Nifty surged to a new all-time high of 23,411.

90, but eventually settled at 23,259.20, marking a modest decline of 0.13% at the end of the trading session.

This reversal occurred near the upper Bollinger Band, positioned around the 23,400 level, signalling a potential resistance point. Nifty formed a.