Three Big AI Concerns Right Now

As we innovate, we should keep our fingers on the pulse of what people are worried about with AI.


Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin Portrait of Professor Ramesh Raskar Katherine Taylor A lot of us have questions about AI, and when you listen to, say, 100 people voicing their concerns, you can tell that the bigger fundamental questions are often the same ones pretty much across the board. Recently, we were sitting in lecture hall with an audience of students and young professionals, trying to understand some of these big issues. I’ll start with a couple of commonly expressed problems, and then move into one that’s crucial and integral to the future of the next generation’s careers.

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[+] setting goals and planning way to success in the office. getty First, there’s quite a bit of angst around the idea that you can build so many different things with AI and LLMs – but if there’s not significant regulation and control, we’re likely to see some pretty scary projects emerge. We already have examples like facial recognition technologies that law enforcement agencies refuse to use for various reasons, or even just the ubiquitous tracking of personal data by third parties, which we’re trying to rein in now across the Internet.

In other words, people talk a lot about data democratization, and owning your own data, but it sometimes seems like the data market and third-party control is eclipsing that idealistic notion. Anyway, another thing that ma.