Tyson Fury’s plans for Grand Designs-style mansion with pool, hot tub & cinema is on HOLD – over bats and a tree


TYSON Fury was left furious after being told his grand design to build a luxury pile has hit the skids yet again - due to sleeping bats and an oak tree. The boxer wants to demolish the main eight bedroom dwelling to replace it with a six-bed house complete with a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and cinema in Cheshire's “Golden Triangle”, popular with celebs and soccer stars. But now his plans have been thwarted by the council’s eco departments.

Cheshire East Council conservation officer James Baggaley is insisting that the planning application can’t even be examined until next winter to identify if there are any “hibernating bats” and is demanding a survey in six months time. Another team is demanding that he moves his proposed extravagant pad - for the sake of an oak tree. Tyson already has to apply for a special bat license from Natural England as a protected bat species has been detected around his current home.

This would mean the planning application can only go through if “the development is of overriding public interest” and “there are no suitable alternatives”. He’s also insisting that the existing hedgerow, which Tyson wants to remove, is retained. The former heavyweight champ also needed to submit a biodiversity strategy which "should include proposals for the provision of features for nesting birds including house sparrow and gaps in garden fences to facilitate the movement of hedgehogs, native species planting.

" But he’s not the only officer .